Step 1 : How to Download and Setup?

Click the download button
( Software support : Win Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win 8.1 only )
( The program can not be downloaded to Win XP )

Please Download

To start setup process please go to the download file by following  C:\Users\Username\Downloads\OpeningCeremony.rar or
MyDocument\Download\OpeningCeremony.rar and make double click. If you can not open the file please use this link ( Winrar ) to download free winrar program to your computer. After that you can start setup process.

Accept the license agreement

Select folder in your computer.

Confirm installation for setup.

Step 2 : How to Make the Payment

Firstly please open the program from your desktop.
After click to Buy Now button.

You will directed to the paypal web-site.
Make your payment by following the instructions.

After we have received your payment, we will send you your licence number by e-mail. Open the program again from your desktop and enter your licence number by copy paste or manually. After you fill all the parts of the box, please click to the active button to start to use your program.