How I can use the program when I change my computer?

First go the update section in the program. Choose registration and click passive button. Now yoru key is made passive for 24 hours. This means that you can activate it in a new computer after 24 hour. For this you can download again the program from www.bgopeningceremony.com by using onlydownload and setup procedure.

Can I use the program on Windows XP?

No, because Microsoft does not give support anymore to XP’ s. Net.Framework program is needed to run the OC program which does not exist anymore for XP’ s.

How can I follow the updates of the program?

For this please go to update section in the program and choose check for update. A windows will be open. Click to check button to start the process.

What is the fuction of the analyzer in the program?

It is a filtrening process according to the positions you have to look or search. The program brings the necessary positions from its database when you give specific rolls for each 1st, 2nd and 3 rd roll.

How can I get heolp about the program and else?

Please just e-mail to support@bgopeningceremony.com We will turn you back as soon as possible.

Can I download something else from inside the program?

Yes, you can download 2nd roll tables for NMS,DMP,GG and GS seperately. You Can aslo download 1st and 2nd roll reference positions.